Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Liberals Have Turned a Season of Happiness into a Political Mine Field for Christians


Here's another chapter in the "You Just Can't Make It Up" book of liberal intolerance: before Christmas, a militant australian christmas cards group headed by a former Air Force officer, Mikey Weistein, successfully petitioned the command at the U.S. Naval Station at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to remove a nativity scene from a military dining facility on behalf of several unnamed military personnel who allegedly found the display to be "offensive."

Mikey probably has an effigy of baby Jesus hanging from his rafters.

There is no proof or evidence in the public domain regarding the authenticity of the complaints, but the assertion is that the display "excluded" other faiths, and so showed favoritism towards Christianity, and therefore, according to base commander Navy Capt. John Nettleton, "the decorations improperly promoted Christianity."

Never mind that this time of year Christians celebrate Christmas, a holiday so popular that non-secularists celebrate it as much as Christians do, but for different reasons. The nativity betrays the real reason for Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ, and so that is presumptuously "offensive" to Jews, agnostics, wiccans, Buddhists, and the like.

But isn't Christmas a Federal Holiday, both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? Why are government entities so afraid to preserve the traditional trappings of this legally recognized event? Why do government organizations so quickly fold on what could arguably be a winnable complaint simply based on common sense?

Why is it important for Mr. Weinstein to rob Christian military members of the symbols of their faith? Apparently he is the Sandman of atheism, sprinkling "bad Jesus" dust in the eyes of unsuspecting military folks who dare cast eyes on a group of inanimate characters awaiting the birth of Jesus. If the Grinch stole Christmas, Mr. Weinstein stole the birthday of the person whose appearance was so significant most of the non-Jewish, non-Buddhist world set our calendars to "A.D." in His name.

In a television interview with Bill O'Reilly, Mr. Weinstein met his match on the subject . The short conversation quickly degenerated into verbal fisticuffs for which Mr. Weinstein was at a disadvantage, for in the end, Mr. O'Reilly had had enough and told his production crew to "Cut him off, he's a jerk."

Mr. Weinstein refused to name any of the alleged complainants, who, if their complaint were legitimate would have gone through their military chain of command or chaplain. Instead, Mr. Weinstein, who does not have access to the base at Guantanamo Bay, somehow obtained information about the nativity scene and then contacted the base command to complain.

He said in his conversation with O'Reilly that, "My point is, Christian privilege is now gone and not welcome to the land of equality. You must all share your toys." T his incensed the popular political talk show host and led to the end of the conversation.

Mr. Weinstein's complaint is more like sour grapes and the seeking of a pound of religious flesh for a transgression that just last year was not a problem for anyone, least of all the military members at the tight-knit community in the small speck of a base in the Caribbean. Mr. Weinstein represents a tiny segment of our culture that despises religion and thinks those who believe and practice it are intellectually inferior. So much for liberal tolerance.

The big fat irony here is that the military personnel, for whom the nativity scene was displayed, wrote a blank check to the American people, including Mr. Weinstein. They put their lives on the line in order to preserve the rights of those who are complaining about the nativity. This irony should not be lost on the American people, and . Sites are also popping up in in light of A&E's recent suspension of "Duck Dynasty" patriarch, Phil Robertson, are rising up to let their voices and their viewing power be heard support of the Gitmo nativity scene .

Also egregiously intolerant towards Christians is the recent banning of Christmas cards that have "Merry Christmas" on them . So says the Veterans Administration at the VA Hospital in Dallas, Texas. Fifty-one children from a Texas school made Christmas cards for veterans that they will never see. Liberty Institute Director of Litigation, Hiram Sasser said, "Targeting the benevolent work of little children for censorship is disgusting. Do the Grinches in the administration of the VA really believe our bravest warriors need protection from the heartfelt well wishes of small children saying Merry Christmas?"

So ends a season of un-happiness. Are we headed for a completely homogenized society, full of terrified bureaucrats who can't see the Christmas tree for the angel on top? What will next year bring, banishing Santa Claus? Or is that too sacred a non-secular cow to sacrifice for fear of offending non-Christians? Will Mr. Weinstein and his ilk ban "The Night Before Christmas?" Reindeer? Rudolph!

This country was founded on the virtues of Judeo/Christian ethics, not Pagan/utilitarian ethics that worship the seasons for their sake and value whatever is useful to someone at the time. We fight, we bleed, we breath for freedom and liberty unlike any other people on earth, and we need to remind detractors of the great American experiment in democracy, that "NO" is a complete sentence when it comes to compromising our values.

Me? I think we're going to display a nativity scene on my front lawn next year, to go with the LED candles in each window, and the Christmas tree seen in my warm Christian home through the front window. Merry CHRISTmas 2014 can't come soon enough.

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